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MFS delivers high quality products to pharmacists in hospital, retail or compounding settings all over Australia in order to support them in delivering consistent tailor made care to patients. MFS also sources business-to-business products that are commercially attractive for all the local markets in the Southern Hemisphere, but at the same time continues to develop specific products for local markets.

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In 2008, MFS leveraged its Australian position and expertise in providing pharmaceutical raw materials to further expand its range of products and services by supplying larger orders of specialty pharmaceutical products to corporate clients in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and veterinary industries. 
MFS works with world class suppliers and represents leading U.S and European manufacturers and sources products for our commercial business customers.



GPs, Specialists and Veterinarians have the most important role in choosing the most appropriate treatment for every individual patient. In most cases they will also prescribe medicines as part of that treatment. There is a big range of available and registered medicines to fulfill the prescribers' needs, but in some cases a suitable medicine is not (yet) available: an adjusted dosage for the elderly or pediatric use, another way of administration or a certain way of off-label use are possible reasons that a prescriber looks for other opportunities. MFS is their partner to fulfill those tailor-made needs by supporting the pharmaceutical industry, pharmacists and vets with high quality products and solutions to assist their patients.


Individualized medicine through pharmaceutical compounding is one of the fastest growing parts of pharmacies worldwide

Lloyd V. Allen.

Extemporaneous preparations provide tailor-made solutions for patients for whom medication is not available in standard form. There are many situations in which physician and pharmacist cannot find what they need among the registered standard preparations that are available. Tailor-made medication is often the solution in such cases, allowing physician and pharmacist to give the patient personalised care. This includes producing appropriate doses for children or oral suspensions for elderly patients who have difficulty swallowing. MFS is committed to this individual approach to patient care because we, too, want the best for your patient.