happy-familyEveryone knows that it’s no fun being sick and that it’s not always easy to take medicine. When you or your child is sick, the last thing you need is for the medicine to taste like medicine. That’s where FLAVORx comes to the rescue. Taking medication can now be a more pleasant experience. While we know that medicine isn’t candy, it really helps if it tastes like bubblegum or grape. 
There are many flavors to choose from-apple to watermelon, and everything in between-because we know that people’s tastes are as unique as they are. Using FLAVORx will not only make the medicine taste better, but will also lead to quicker recovery. Medicines flavored with FLAVORx lead to greater compliance. End your struggles trying to get your children to take their medicine when they are sick. Relieve your own suffering when taking nasty tasting medicine. Most importantly, help your child (or yourself!) get better faster! Request FLAVORx.