hospital-kidWe all know how difficult it is for children to be in the hospital. So, why not make their stay a little more tolerable by flavoring their medication. By flavoring medication, children are getting proper dosage because they are not throwing up or spitting it out. Doctors and nurses know the rigors of administering medicine. Using FLAVORx saves precious time for the nursing staff because they do not have to struggle with their patients to get them to take their medication. The FLAVORx Formulary is extremely simple to use, and takes very little time to flavor medication. As we all know, lack of compliance is a universal problem, and with FLAVORx making medication more palatable, compliance increases dramatically.

William Humphrey, Director, Pharmacy Operations at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital knows what a problem compliance is. He said “we had a patient that we were having compliance problems with him taking his medications. We tried everything from changing dosage forms to other means of flavoring. It had gotten to the point where we believed we were going to have to admit him if compliance didn’t get any better. We were able to use the FLAVORx products successfully, improve compliance, and prevent an admission.” 
By using the FLAVORx formulary, many hospitals are even saving money. Bernie Rosenzweig, from New York University Medical Center is flavoring compounded Versed syrup and says, “As a department, we may be saving over $20,000/year by compounding the preparation ourselves.” He goes on to say, “Your flavor formulation for flavoring our compounded Versed syrup has produced excellent results for children that have previously vomited up the unflavored formulation. The new formulation is very palatable. Nurses and anesthesiologists love the results, because they can pre-medicate young patients and go on to hassle-free intubations without resorting to painful injections.

Make your patients smile and improve the quality of healthcare

Many hospitals using FLAVORx are standardizing the flavoring of commercially available suspensions, such as Biaxin™, Ceftin™, and Prednisolone among hundreds of others, as well as medications that they are compounding. Some compounded medications that are being flavored on a standardized basis include the following: ACETAZOLAMIDE, ALDACTAZIDE, ALLOPURINOL, BACLOFEN, BETHANECHOL, CAFFEINE CITRATE, CAPTOPRIL, GRANISETRON, INDOMETHACIN, LANSOPRAZOLE, MAGIC MOUTHWASH, METOLAZONE, METRONIDAZOLE, OMEPRAZOLE, PHENAZOPYRIDINE, RIFAMPIN, SPRIRONOLACTONE AND URSODIOL. 
Join other child friendly hospitals that are benefiting from the positive effects of FLAVORx. Ellen Rudnick, Montefiore Hospital says “The new Children’s Hospital at Montefiore was designed to be very child friendly. Using FLAVORx is one more detail to add to our child friendly atmosphere. Since using FLAVORx we are receiving fewer calls for extra doses because the children are more accepting of their medication the first time around.”