Pet Owner

pet-ownerMost medicines - even those already 'flavored' by manufacturers - taste so bad that pets have trouble swallowing them. Yet veterinarians expect their clients, to accomplish the difficult, and sometimes impossible, task of administering these medicines at home. What's the point of sending home medicine, if it isn't taken?

Even in animals that are easy to pill, conditions like dehydration or decreased appetite will cause the lining of the esophagus to be drier than normal. Rather than sliding down smoothly as they were designed to do, these pills start dissolving too soon, resulting in very painful, dangerous conditions such as esophageal ulceration, scarring or strictures. 

To help pets feel better and to restore their health, veterinarians and pharmacists use the FLAVOPET Veterinary System to turn bad-tasting pills, hard-to-give capsules or liquid prescriptions into tasty liquids. Through years of careful research, development, testing and tasting, MFS has developed scores of tasty flavors that can be safely added to more than 370 animal medications, creating liquid medicines that patients look forward to taking their medication. 

Using only high-quality, safety-approved FDA flavors, the FLAVOPET Veterinary System is currently available in more than 2,000 animal hospitals in the United States, Canada and Australia. The FLAVOPET Veterinary System is backed by an unsurpassed safety record that includes over 51 million prescriptions that have been flavoured, without a single instance of allergic reaction or of a prescription losing its efficacy or stability. 
Pets that actually take their medications get the benefits of sound veterinary care and return to health; this means many patients aren't patients any more. The FLAVOPET veterinary team is proud of this.

The success or failure of veterinary care often rides on the ability of a patient to swallow medication which is often bitter or just plain bad-tasting. Even the most necessary and effective medication will fail if the patient won't take it: In veterinary hospitals across the USA, Canada and Australia the FLAVOPET Veterinary System has become the solution to the problem of non-compliance. The FLAVOPET Formulary offers recipes for more than 370 veterinary medications for any critter that has feathers, scales or fur.

When pets have a good-tasting medication, the rocky road to recovery is a lot smoother.