pharmacistAs pharmacists, you are trusted members of the medical community. Customers come to you seeking your advice, and heeding your counsel. You have the ability to improve your patients’ quality of life in many ways. One of them is to offer FLAVORx. 
The FLAVORx Medical Flavoring System is a tool used by pharmacists to safely flavor both liquid prescriptions and over-the-counter medications to make them more palatable without altering their stability or efficacy. Studies show that flavoring medicine increases patient compliance to over 90%, from an average of 50%. FLAVORx does not make medicine taste like candy, but makes it taste better for children, adults and even animals. With over 42 flavors to choose from, including yummy flavors like Orange Cream, Chocolate Silk Pie and Fruit Punch, any patient can find a flavor to suit their taste. 
Flavoring is quick and easy. The average prescription takes less than 30 seconds to flavor. FLAVORx is a safe and effective solution to the persistent problem of administering bad tasting medicine. Only FLAVORx has been trusted by parents and doctors for over 10 years. FLAVORx has been proven safe in over 500 studies, including stability, pH, compatibility and organoleptic. Over 50 million prescriptions have safely and effectively been flavored by FLAVORx. There has never been an adverse reaction or incident of a medication not working due to a FLAVORx flavoring. All the flavors are dye-free and sugar free. Our 500 page formulary lists flavoring formulations for over 300 medications. FLAVORx is the only medical flavoring company that offers technical support 24 hours a 2 day, 7 days a week. 
Currently, FLAVORx is available in over 35,000 pharmacies and hospitals in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the Bahamas.
Trying to figure out a way to increase customer satisfaction and build customer loyalty?Then look into getting FLAVORx for your pharmacy. Consumer demand for FLAVORx has increased dramatically over the past 2 years. Now over 7,000 pharmacies carry FLAVORx. 
With FLAVORx, your pharmacists or technicians will be able to flavor over 200 liquid medications, powders, or pills with over 42 flavors in only a matter of seconds.FLAVORx is safe, easy, affordable, and exciting for your pharmacists.  

Safe – We stand behind our product 100%. FLAVORx does not impact the stability or efficacy of a medicine.All flavors have been designed specifically for medicines. Each of our flavors is continually tested along with medicines to guarantee there is no impact on stability or efficacy. No other company can guarantee this. 
Easy – Flavoring with FLAVORx is a breeze.Your system comes with a 300-page formulary that contains over 200 medicines. By simply following the directions, you can flavor any medication listed in a matter of seconds.And for those odd-ball requests, you can call our toll free number for technical support. 
Affordable – FLAVORx is an affordable addition to your pharmacy and it quickly pays for itself from the extra revenue you make in ‘flavoring fees’ as well as the extra selling of front-end items, new customers, and repeat business. 
Exciting – We all know that pharmacists get a little bored with the mundane task of counting pills. FLAVORx adds excitement to their jobs by bringing the ice cream store concept into the pharmacy. They will enjoy it, your customers will enjoy it, and it will all show in your bottom line.