The FLAVOPET Veterinary System ensures that patients, who need medication, actually take it. The FLAVOPET Veterinary System represents a unique partnership between dedicated veterinarians, a progressive biotech company and caring pet owners; all working together to significantly improve animal health. 
Unfortunately for many dogs, cats, and other furry, feathered and scaled friends, the unpleasant tastes and textures of their veterinary medications prevent them from getting the recommended dosage they need in order to get better. 
Our scientifically tested FLAVOPET Veterinary System is available at your local vet’s clinic and can easily turn most pills, capsules, and liquid medications into a tasty liquid treat. 
With dozens of flavors to choose from, you can customize your pet’s medicine to suit their individual tastes. That means you will eliminate the daily struggle of medicating your pet and ensure they take the medicine they need without them even knowing it.

Available Flavors

With so many flavor options and such a large variety of animals we thought we would supply you with a few flavour recommendations for each species. 
The flavors highlighted are just the top recommendations. There are still additional flavor options for your pets to enjoy. FLAVOPET offers over 15 flavor options so every pet can have their favorite!

birds Peanut-Butter banana-bread tangy-apple groovy-grape mandarine-orange watermelon-passion
BIRDS Peanut Butter Banana Bread Tangy Apple Groovy Grape Mandarin Orange Watermelon Passion
cat crispy-bacon salmon-steak Chicken-Pot-Pie grilled-tuna Fish-Chowder  
CATS Crispy Bacon Salmon Steak Chicken Pot Pie Grilled Tuna Fish Chowder  
dog Chicken-Pot-Pie Peanut-Butter red-angus-beef crispy-bacon bubblegum grilled-tuna
DOGS Chicken Pot Pie Peanut Butter Red Angus Beef Crispy Bacon Bubblegum Grilled Tuna
ferret banana-bread salmon-steak groovy-grape tangy-apple watermelon-passion Chicken-Pot-Pie
FERRET Banana Bread Salmon Steak Groovy Grape Tangy Apple Watermelon Passion Chicken Pot Pie
guinea-pig tangy-apple Gooey-Molasses Strawberry-Shortcake groovy-grape Cherry-Blast  
GUINEA PIG Tangy Apple Gooey Molasses Straberry Shortcake Groovy Grape Cherry Blast  
hamster groovy-grape tangy-apple Peanut-Butter grilled-tuna Chicken-Pot-Pie banana-bread
HAMSTER Groovy Grape Tangy Apple Peanut Butter Grilled Tuna Chicken Pot Pie Banana Bread
hedgehog banana-bread Strawberry-Shortcake groovy-grape watermelon-passion tangy-apple  
HEDGEHOG Banana Bread Straberry Shortcake Groovy Grape Watermelon Passion Tangy Apple  
horses Peanut-Butter banana-bread Gooey-Molasses tangy-apple Cherry-Blast  
HORSES Peanut Butter Banana Bread Gooey Molasses Tangy Apple Cherry Blast  
lizards tangy-apple Chicken-Pot-Pie banana-bread watermelon-passion groovy-grape Radical-Raspberry
LIZARDS Tangy Apple Chicken Pot Pie Banana Bread Watermelon Passion Groovy Grape Radical Raspberry
mice grilled-tuna groovy-grape Peanut-Butter tangy-apple Chicken-Pot-Pie  
MICE Grilled Tuna Groovy Grape Peanut Butter Tangy Apple Chicken Pot Pie  
monkeys watermelon-passion Strawberry-Shortcake mandarine-orange Radical-Raspberry groovy-grape banana-bread
MONKEYS Watermelon Passion Straberry Shortcake Mandarin Orange Radical Raspberry Groovy Grape Banana Bread
rabbit banana-bread Radical-Raspberry Gooey-Molasses tangy-apple Strawberry-Shortcake Cherry-Blast
RABBIT Banana Bread Radical Raspberry Gooey Molasses Tangy Apple Straberry Shortcake Cherry Blast


doctor-dogPatient compliance is a significant problem in human health care but, while pediatricians routinely inquire about their patient's preferred form of medication (tablet, capsule or liquid) and how to flavor it, most veterinarians fail to take into account a client's realistic ability to medicate a pet. When clients are asked, "Can you give the pills?" most answer "yes"- even if they know it will be difficult or impossible for them to administer the medication to their pets; they are too embarrassed to admit the truth. 
Veterinarians thereby turn over control of a vital segment of their practice to inexperienced, nervous or reluctant clients. Veterinarians who realize the implications and profound potential that improving compliance means, will enjoy significant management and medical rewards. 
Practices using the FLAVOPET Veterinary System, experience medicinal compliance rates up to 90%. We offer FLAVOPET™ "to ensure optimal compliance and the best possible outcome... customer support has been fantastic... FLAVOPET has enhanced our practice. Thanks MFS, for a fantastic product!" Dr. D.J., Raleigh, NC.
While complex in development, the FLAVOPET Veterinary System is simple and elegant in execution. In practice, the actual flavoring of a prescription can be performed in just a few minutes. FLAVOPET™ is a “huge improvement over having to call a pharmacy and have prescriptions compounded and then waiting…for the prescription to arrive.” Drs. S.T. & N.R., Fairfax, VA.